City Adventures announces bookings for affordable motorbus tours worldwide

City Adventures announces bookings for affordable motorbus tours worldwide

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tours, a unit of City Adventures Pvt. Ltd, has garnered huge popularity and is slowly cementing its goodwill in the global travel and tourism industry for organizing affordable yet memorable bus tours.

Touring in the present times either for business or pleasure could be both pleasant and hectic. Enjoyable and convenient because the traveler can delegate the onerous task of booking flights, accommodation, and city sightseeing packages to travel agencies, and have peace of mind. On the other hand, there is always the lurking possibility of the travel agent trying to squeeze as many customers in a particular package and be done with the itinerary on a whirlwind basis. The tourists will simply have to hop, skip, and jump from one city to another or one spot to another without even getting the time to catch their breaths.

A trip to a distant land or city that the traveler has never been to before should be a fun-filled and pleasurable journey, enabling the tourist to take back memories for reminiscing a lifetime. And that is where Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tours steps in to fill the gap. As a division of City Adventures Pvt. Ltd, HOHOBT has been organizing bus tours in more than 60 countries comprising over 300 destinations for some years now. This travel agency offers travelers the option of choosing from more than 5, 000 bus tour packages in popular tourist destinations around the world. The myriad of packages offered on the tour operator’s portal can be easily browsed through by resorting to any one of the two ways or methods of exploring.

The tourist can check out the near unlimited city sightseeing bus tour packages simply by typing the name of the ‘destination’ in the search field. After keying the destination, the individual only needs to click on the ‘Explore’ icon for glancing through all tours for that particular site. Alternatively, the traveler can move over the mouse to ‘All Tours” section in the navigation panel and click on that segment. A webpage that displays the complete tour packages archived on the portal will show up. For making most of the time that a prospective traveler spends on the website, he or she should register with the site.

The tourist or sightseer by signing up with the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tours portal, will be able to personalize his profile and customize all his tour explorations. All those who are looking to travel in a city in their native lands or explore a metropolis in a foreign country will have everything to gain and nothing to lose by subscribing to the portal. The travelers can bet that their sightseeing experiences will be worth reminiscing as long as they live. Quite significantly, they’ll get relief from doing all the tedious research while booking a sightseeing guide or private transport. Not only will the tourists can take it granted that their journey will be pleasure-filled and safe but affordable as well.

About Us:-

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tours is a leading tour operator, organizing hop-on/hop-off bus tours in prominent cities and towns all over the world.

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