Know How You Can Complete the Ideal Spiti Valley Road Trip on a Pocket-Friendly Budget

Know How You Can Complete the Ideal Spiti Valley Road Trip on a Pocket-Friendly Budget

Complete Details of 9 Days Road Trip From Delhi to Spiti Valley

Traveling is just about exploring the changing landscapes and having the experience of everything that they have to facilitate you with.

There might be a plethora of reasons for you to travel, that ranges from relishing new cuisines, engulfing in novel cultures, and meeting a diverse range of people.

You are only required to gather some of your friends or family members, book a package with a trusted agent, and then set off on a mind-blowing journey!

How can you make your Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip Pocket-Friendly?

Since you need only a place to rest at night, you can opt for the most inexpensive accommodations instead of booking the hotel. It might even be inclusive of guest houses of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC).

You can also book yourself a Scorpio or any four-wheeler instead of booking a flight that would reduce your travel cost to a higher extent. You may also enjoy the changing landscapes of Spiti on your way.

Day-Wise Schedule Of Your Spiti Valley Road Trip

You will come to experience a mix of thrill, luxury of witnessing the beauty of nature, and bliss like never before. Given below is a schedule of what you can do on your 9 days tour.

Day 1: Amazing Journey to Sarahan

For your Spiti Valley Road Trip, you have to drive throughout the way from Delhi to Sarahan. For this, you are also required to make arrangements for your rest and refreshments. However, it will take around 12 hours to cover the entire distance of 480 km.

When you are with your friends or loved ones on your journey, it would make your journey more enjoyable and memorable.

Day 2: Explore Sarahan

When you would have reached Sarahan then before you set out for kickstarting your Spiti Valley Trip you are required to check into a hotel and take some rest.

You can go out for exploring the Quaint Village of Sarahan after taking a rest. There you can take a stroll and gaze at the stunning views of hills and valleys covered with mist. Before returning to your hotel for dinner, you can also visit the Bhima Devi Temple.

Day 3: Camping at Chitkul

You can restart your journey to Spiti after getting immersed in those serene early morning views of Sarahan. You will come to explore the most stunning views on your drive to Chitkul.

It is inclusive of the last inhabited village near the Indo-China border that is only required to be greeted by even more stunning views when you will reach your campsite. You will feel that the beginning of your Spiti Valley Road Trip is nothing less than magical.

After that, you can set out to get engulfed in the commendable beauty of Chitkul village, visit the Kadcham Dam, and you can get out to explore the market area. You should also take care of getting returned to your campsite for dinner on time.

It is an amazing experience in itself to do camping near the Baspa River. While the Baspa River is flowing nearby nothing might be more enjoyable than sitting before a crackling bonfire beside your tent and listening to the life stories of each other.

The views from your campsite will be sufficiently amazing to melt your heart other than camping. Before the campfire, you can have a photo session and then get returned to your respective tents and rest for the entire night.

Day 4: Trotting about in Kalpa

From here, you may restart your journey for the Spiti Road trip after horking down a highly delicious breakfast and after clicking several pictures at the riverside. Yet, it was another scenic journey that will take you to another beautiful town in the hills of Himachal- Kalpa.

Once you will reach there, you are required to check into the Himachal Tourism Guest House and get ready for setting out and experience what you are going to get into this little hamlet.

There can firstly you can explore one of the 12 administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh named Reckong Peo District before you proceed to the market where the colorful range of Tibetian handicrafts and goods allure people.

Later, you may opt for visiting a hundred-year-old Buddhist monastery, in addition to other sightseeing tidbits. You may return to your guesthouse by the evening that may be well-versed with the stunning views of the Kinnaur Kailash Peak which you may see from the outside of your windows.

When you will see everything around, it will serve you with a feeling like it is absolutely the best and perfect time for you to explore Spiti Valley.

Day 5: Moving Away To Kaza

From there you will have to take leave for Kaza which is the longest road journey on your entire trip. On the way, you may explore a huge number of scenic beauties that are inclusive of Nako Monastery which is famed for its intricate designs and iconographic artwork.

After that, you may opt for visiting the Gue Monastery that possesses the 600-year old mummy of Monk Sangha Tenzin.

There you may visit Dhankar Gompa in the Dhankar Village along with the Tabo Monastery in Tabo village before you reach Kaza finally. There you may check-in for a hotel to stay in and rest. Kaza would be one of the best parts of your trip because of the unending scenic beauty. People can gaze at those mind-blowing vistas of this alluring town for several hours in the end!

Day 6: Scaling the Highest Village in the World

Later, you can set off for Langza which is the first stop for the sightseeing of the day. You may proceed to Komik via Kibber which is the highest motorable village in the entire world which is situated at the height of 14,200 ft above sea level when you are done with witnessing a plethora of major attractions of Langza.

There you can also visit the Hikkim Post Office, which is the highest post office in the world. You may also come to witness there a herd of the Himalayan Ibex which is the large, peculiar-looking goats that possess curved horns which are found only in and near the Himalayas.

Later, you may proceed to the renowned key Monastery for engulfing yourself in its surreal backdrop and architecture.

You also have the opportunity to visit the Komik Monastery there which is a major point of attraction that is bordered by the barren hills of Spiti. When you will roam around there you will feel that your Road Trip to Spiti Valley is going so far so good!

Day 7: Lake-Side Camping at Chandra Taal

Next, you have to drive away to the next happening destination to your Spiti Valley Trip named Chandra Tall. It is a mesmerizing gem of Spiti that would never disappoint you! The first 20 km of your journey will be absolutely scenic. But, after that, the road would start to get rougher on each and every kilometer.

After that, you have to cross Kunzum Pass on your way to Chandra Taal Lake. Here you can step and visit the Kunzum Mata Temple before you get reached Chandra Taal Lake.

Day 8: Rohtang Pass, Hippie Cafes

Next, you may leave for Manali which would be your stopover on your way back home. When you will be about to reach Gramphu, you would meet with stunning views of the Lahaul Valley.

You can take a halt at Rohtang Pass next to your Spiti Valley Road Trip, where you may spend some time enjoying the snow and views.

Day 9: Driving Back Home

On the 9th day, you may leave Manali by ending your 9 days road trip to Spiti.

The amazingly beautiful landscapes of Spiti are just sufficient to pull anyone to this trance! And when this road trip is combined with the company of some good friends, you will certainly get a stunning combination of fun and adventure!

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